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  • Our story

    27 years online - and still the best kept secret in the Christian world :-)

    Where is the good news?


    Do you also notice that the daily news is often predominantly negative or quite trivial? Do you ever wonder where the good news has gone?


    Most what we read in the mainstream media is about conflicts, problems, political issues, interest groups, celebrities and the hypes of the day. The Christian media often aren't doing much better - perhaps adding some theological controversies to the mix or a myriad of activities in the Christian subculture.


    But where is God at work in today's world? Where is the force for good? Where are the solutions for the problems?


    These questions motivated a Dutch journalist in the early days of the internet to embark on a journey. His findings led to the publication of Joel News as it is today.

    Where is God at work?


    The book of Acts is the exciting story of the advance of God's Kingdom in the early days of the church. The good news of the Gospel had a lasting impact.


    Is Acts still happening today? If so, where and how is God's Kingdom advancing? Where are Christians making a positive difference for others? How is the Gospel message impacting whole communities? How is the face of the church changing? What are the challenges and the trends in world missions?


    Would you be interested to know? To be encouraged by real and reliable stories that fuel your faith and daily life?


    Joel News reports on the advance of God's Kingdom in six continents. This inspiring weekly e-zine currently serves thousands of Christians in over 100 nations.


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    What makes Joel News stand out from the crowd?



    Steady focus on the advance of God's Kingdom globally.



    Fact-checking based on solid journalistic principles.



    Good news that encourages faith and positive action.

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    The 12 most frequently asked questions about Joel News

  • We bring good news

    Joel News finds the pearls of God's Kingdom - reliable stories rarely covered by the mainstream media

    The power of prayer

    How the growing prayer movement is transforming the world

    Acts today

    Real stories on the advance of the Gospel in 197 nations

    Typically God

    Following Jesus can lead to unexpected encounters

  • Out of the box

    Fresh expressions of church and disciple-making movements

    The big picture

    Relevant trends and statistics on church growth and world missions

    Love in action

    How ordinary Christians make a positive difference for others

  • For intercessors

    "Of all the newsletters I receive Joel News is absolutely the best! It fuels my prayer life and helps me to stay engaged in God's mission."

    - Gerda, South Africa

    For missionaries

    "I work in an isolated area in challenging circumstances. Joel News is my window to the world."

    - Ahmed, Central Asia

    For parents

    "Joel News is highly encouraging. I share the stories with my children to educate them in world missions."

    - Sarah, Germany

    For church leaders

    "Joel News saves me a lot of time. You make a great weekly selection. Your material is extremely edifying and quotable, and I regularly use it in my sermons."


    - Daniel, USA

    For evergreens

    "We now live in an elderly home, but Joel News keeps us alive and involved in the Great Commission. We pray over your stories every day."


    - John and Aka, New Zealand

  • 'Good news from a distant land is like cold water to a weary soul.'

    – Proverbs 25:25

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