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    Trendreport 2020

    The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the future of church and mission.

    • 5 well-informed global perspectives
    • 28 strategic questions for churches and missions organisations
    • crucial insights not to be missed

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    FREE e-booklet

    In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, how can Christians respond effectively in times of crisis?


    Church history can teach us an important lesson - to keep calm, to care for others, and to focus on God’s purposes. Get your free copy of this amazing story of love and courage!


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    Revival behind bars

    How God's grace transformed Los Olmos, Argentina's largest maximum security prison.


    This inspiring e-book describes in detail how the revival in Los Olmos prison started, which changes it brought, how inmate leadership emerged and how the prison church was organised. Specific attention is given to the role of the prayer watches and how the revival influenced other prisons across Argentina. Detailed growth statistics are included.


    E-book in pdf | original revival story | English | 42 pages | reading time: 45 mins | suggested donation € 7 or $ 8

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    FREE Bible reading plan

    This reading plan links stories from Acts in the Bible with similar real stories today.


    The book of Acts is the exciting story of the advance of God's Kingdom in the early days of the church. The Gospel message had a lasting impact. This 7-day reading plan covers Acts 1-3. The matching stories come from our weekly publication Joel News.


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